Session description: Students need not be bored when it comes time to review. In this class participants will learn how to combine 3rd party software (freeware to medium priced) with your Activboard to create entertaining, fun Jeopardy-like programs that your students will actually enjoy. Just don’t spoil it and tell them that it’s educational.

Reasons for Using Classroom Games with your ActivBoard:
1) Students become actively involved in their learning.
2) Classroom Games are a great way to reinforce learning.
3) Combines audio and visual learning.
4) Teamwork skills are developed and reinforced.
5) Helps the teacher assess what skills need to be reviewed.
6) Uses technology that students are interested in.
7) A game format is fun - yet educational.
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Link to 28 FlipChart Jeopardy gameboards located on Promethean Planet. You need to register (free) to access this resource.
Activote Jeopardy template


Free PowerPoint Jeopardy Templates:

Fun & Games: FETC PowerPoint Templates - Several Jeopardy templates - the Large 6x6 Jeopardy is especially nice. Also contains templates for Millionaire and Weakest Link.

PowerPoint Activities - Contains Jeopardy templates, instructions on how to use them, pre made games as well as a Hollywood Squares and Millionaire template.

Stu's Double Jeopardy - Some of the nicest Jeopardy skins out there - this is a fabulous site with beautiful templates and games. Free, of course.

:MC Jeopardy - A multiple choice Jeopardy that looks nice and keeps score.

Educational Resources for Teachers - Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy templates with instructions. Also contains a nice PDF template for planning out your game board.

Microsoft PowerPoint - a wealth of info on everything PowerPoint - including Jeopardy.

Game Templates - Jeopardy as well Pyramid, Squares, Weakest Link and other games.

How to Create a Game board - PDF explaining how to create a multiple choice Jeopardy game board.

Parade of Games in PowerPoint - Over a dozen easy-to-assemble educational game templates, including Jeopardy.

PowerPoint Jeopardy (and other) Games:
Jeopardy Games - Over 50 Jeopardy games across the curriculum from Kindergarten to High School. Includes a blank template and directions on how to use it at the bottom of the page.

PowerPoint Games - some very nice game boards by Mark E. Damon

Elementary PowerPoint Games - Games, templates and instructions for grades K-5.

Jeopardy Games for 5th Graders

Math Jeopardy Grades 9-11

Science Games

100's of Math Review Games

Game Resources

Jeopardy Theme Song

End of Round

InQUIZition is a Jeopardy-like game board that I authored in HyperStudio in 1998 and have been successfully using in my curriculum as a review game. The file below is a template that can be edited with HyperStudio 3 for Mac OS9. The new HyperStudio Legacy Player for Mac OSX allows you to run InQUIZition in OSX. As soon as HyperStudio5 is released I will upgrade InQUIZition to run in Windows.

Download InQUIZition (1.8 MB .zip file)

Download Instructions PDF

GameShow Presenter -for $49 a very professional, easy to use multiple choice Jeopardy-like game with a host, music and score keeping.

GameShow Presenter Plus - For $79 you get an even more powerful program.

Other Jeopardy Games

- Build Your Own Jeopardy is a GNU Public Source program. Also available in PowerPoint. Mac or PC

HTML JavaScript Jeopardy - This is a Jeopardy style teaching game written in Dynamic HTML using JavaScript. It may be modified for use on any topic as an entertaining teaching tool to reinforce previously learned material, or simply as a trivia game. Mac or PC

Hazard - A nice looking Jeopardy board game for teachers, created by a teacher, that keeps score for $19.95. Mac or PC

Geoparty - A free, fun and media rich application for testing your trivia knowledge. Requires Mac OSX 10.3 or higher.

Questionable - A $25 Jeopardy-like game for Mac OSX.

Other Resources

Student Picker is a simple program I authored in Revolution that picks a student at random. My seats are numbered and if Student Picker picks the seat number a student is sitting in they come to the ActivBoard.
This is a stand alone application for Mac OSX. It also speaks as it as picks. Select from 2 to 32 students.
Download Student Picker (2.8 MB .zip file)

Mr. G's KeyNote Presentations - If you teach Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics and use Apple's Keynote (and why wouldn't you?) here are all of my presentations with embedded video clips, animations and lots of other goodies. From sig figs to organic chem - motion to the periodic table... years of work went into making these. I hope you find them useful.

The Physical Science Series Standalone programs for Mac OSX.
These are programs that I did in HyperStudio over a decade ago and rewrote in Revolution. The come with a program sheet that students fill out as they progress through the program getting stamps from the teacher at certain steps.
more to come!

HotPotatoes - a suite of six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Free to educators.

The Tech-Connected Teacher is a collection of online resources for the classroom teacher.


February 2008 - Doug Gilliland, Sarasota High School