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Brush Island Dec. 26-28, 2010

Packing up at Collier-Seminole State Park in the Ten Thousand Islands.

Heading down the Blackwater River on a blustery day.

Greg Stamer

Paddling past dense mangroves at low tide.


Paddling into the bay near the mouth of the river.

We had planned to paddle to Panther Island but the weather prevented us from doing so.

Searching for an island to camp on as the sun is about to set. We ended up on Brush Island.

A hot meal after setting up camp and a light rain.

Greg enjoying a hot dry meal on a cold and windy evening.

Getting up the next morning in my "PJ's".

Greg enjoying his breakfast in a pouch.

Our campsite on Brush Island kept us out of the wind for the entire trip.

Brewing up some camp coffee.

Taylor's not too anxious to get out of a warm sleeping bag.

The first time we didn't see any other kayakers out in the islands.


Taylor getting warm in the sun.

Drying out the gear.

Collecting firewood.

Low tide. Water was up near the camp when we arrived the previous day.

Dressing for the cold and windy weather.

Paddling along Tripod Key.

Paddling to Goodland to top off our water containers.

Landing at the Goodland public boat ramp.

Searching for a cold beer in Goodland.

Lunch an a few beers at the Small Bar and Restaurant in Goodland.

Back on the water.

No, that's not ice on the water. Just looks like it.

Paddling out to Coon Key.

Brush Island in the background.


Paddling back to Brush Island in a strong NE wind.


Father and son.

Tuna and crackers for lunch.

Enjoying a little Sailor Jerry Rum.

A not so well organized tent.

Night setting in.

Starting a fire.

Staying warm.

Next morning was cold and windy.

Ice on my Nordkapp.

With lows in the high 20's even the sea water on Greg's boat froze.

The sun quickly warmed us up.


Packing up to head on home.

Greg grew over the trip.

Packed up and ready to go.

Portaging the boats to deeper water with less mud.



Back up the Blackwater River.

There's a bald eagle somewhere in this picture.

Lunch on the river.

Paddling back up river.

Mangrove tunnel.

Take out dead ahead.

The end of another great trip!