To use these videos in your flipcharts simply:
1. Click on the movie you wish to view.
2. Copy the URL at the top of the movie window.
3. Use insert / website aste it into your flipchart.
If you wish I will burn you a CD of all these movies so you can use them in your Powerpoint presentations. Over the summer I plan on making more movies and searching YouTube/Teacher Tube for more video clips.


Chemical & Physical Properties of Matter


Hitting lead, silicon and sulfur with a hammer.

Alkali Metals: Periodicity

An excerpt from an old movie on Periodic Trends. Shows reactions in water.

Alkali Metals: Brainiacks

Whether this is factual or not is debatable but my kids remember the reactivity of Alkali Metals after watching this clip.

Elements, Compounds & Mixtures

Uses iron and sulfur to demonstrate types of matter.

Solid, Liquid and Gas animation

Shows particle arrangement and motion.

Atomic Structure

Atomic Number & Mass

Excerpt from movie on atomic structure.


Excerpt from movie on atomic structure.

The Element Song

Tom Lehrer's famous Element Song.

The Elements Song 2

Same song - but includes 3D movies of each element.

Rutherford's Experiment

An animation of the Gold foil experiment.


Egg in Salt vs. Fresh Water

An egg placed in salt water floats while one placed in fresh water sinks.

Tale of Two Colas

Placing a regular cola and diet cola in water - one floats and one sinks.

Tale of 2 Colas: Masses

Massing the two colas (in movie above) to show the difference in mass.

Density: Solid vs. Liquid

Uses water and carbon tetrachloride to show the difference between solid and liquid densities.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates walking underwater with a boat over their heads? One of my Hollywood Hoax shorts to show filmmakers ignorance of the laws of Chemistry & Physics.

Three Kings

Throwing bars of gold around like they were loaves of bread. Another Hollywood Hoax.


A movie I made years ago when we had some Hg in the lab. Shows an iron nail floating in mercury.

CO2 Density: Fire Extinguisher

Placing dry ice in a beaker and using the gas to put out a flame.

Phases of Matter


A YouTube short that explains the properties of liquids.

Racquet Balls in Liquid Nitrogen

Shows how properties change with temperature.

Marshmallow in a vacuum jar

Using a marshmallow to show that as pressure decreases, volume increases.

Shaving cream in a vacuum jar

Using shaving cream to show that as pressure decreases, volume increases.

Liquid nitrogen

Pouring liquid nitrogen into a watch glass.


Particle model of a solid


Particle model of a liquid


Particle model of a gas

Growing Crystals

I shot this through a microscope while growing crystals of KNO3 in the lab.

Dry Ice Expansion

A piece of dry ice is placed in a surgical glove then tied to show solid to gas expansion.

Solution Chemistry

Solubility of salt and sugar at 20 C

Dissolving 40.0 g of both in 100 mL of water at 20 degrees C (solubility of sugar = 204 g, salt = 35 g.)

Sugar in Gasoline

Demonstrates that non polar solvents, like gasoline, do not dissolve polar compounds (like sugar).

Dissociation of NaCl

Animation of dissociation of a salt.

Red/blue litmus

Results of an acid, base and water on litmus paper


Shows results with an acid, base, salt and water.


Explains why some solutions are strong electrolytes while others are weak.

Molarity - Making a solution

Steps in preparing 250 mL of 0.350 M Copper(II) nitrate solution.

Surface tension of water

Paper clips floating on the surface of water.

Strong/weak acids

Animation showing the reason for strong and weak acids.

Lab Procedure

Burner flame

Proves that a Tyrell burner inner flame is unburned gas. Students should hold their substance to be heated near the top 1/3 of the flame.

How to use a balance

Proper procedure on using an electronic balance.


Demonstrates using a centrifuge to separate a mixture.

Honda Cog Ad

A way of showing students the importance of taking precise measurements.

Rates of Reactions

Burning steel wool in pure oxygen

Shows how concentration effects the rate of a reaction.

Catalyst: NH3 decomposition

Animation showing the role of a catalyst.

Catalyst: MnO2 + H2O2

Decomposition of hydrogen peroxide with a glowing splint test.

Lycopodium powder

Shows how surface area effects the rate of a reaction.

Chemical Reactions

Loss of Mass: Effervescence

A loss of mass occurs when MnO2 is added to hydrogen peroxide.

Loss of Mass: Burning Paper

A loss of mass occurs when paper is burnt.

Cu + AgNO3

Shows the single replacement reaction between copper and silver nitrate.


Shows the formation of a precipitate.

Igniting H2 bubbles

Bubbling H2 and O2 through soapy water then igniting the bubbles.

Lead(II) nitrate + Potassium Iodide

The formation of a yellow precipitate in this double replacement reaction

Magnesium + Lead(II) nitrate

A single replacement reaction producing lead crystals.

Silver nitrate + hydrochloric acid

Forms the precipitate AgCl

Decomposition of Sugar

Decomposing sugar with sulfuric acid.



Relative Motion

A great short showing that motion is relative.

Astronauts moving in space

NASA clip showing astronauts in orbit.

Astronauts moving in space 2

An older NASA clip.

Tripping on the moon

A small, short clip of astronauts falling on the moon.

Shooting vs. falling

Shooting a ball and dropping one from the same height at the same time.

Shooting vs. falling (slow motion)

The above in slow motion.

Sky diving

Shows the weightless condition in free fall.

Vomit Comet: Weightless in Free fall.

Clip from NASA's Vomit Comet showing free fall. weightlessness.

Wind tunnel Sky Diving

Sky diving using wind instead of a plane.

Acceleration of a Skateboarder

I use this before the acceleration lab.

Acceleration down a ramp

Displacement every 0.25 s. of a ball rolling down a ramp. Produced using the Activboard.

Constant speed across a table

Displacement every 0.25 s. of a ball rolling across a table. Produced using the Activboard.

Newton's Laws of Motion

Table Cloth Jerk

Pulling a table cloth from under a set of dishes.

Pizza Pan & Eggs

Shows inertia using eggs, toilet paper rolls and a pizza pan.

Hollywood Hoax: Matrix Reloaded

Jumping off an overpass on to a truck traveling 50 mph? Only in Hollywood.

Inertia on a string

Shows the effect of pulling slow vs. fast.

3rd Law: Fire Extinguisher Cart

Using a fire extinguisher to propel a cart.

Car Crash

A car crash demonstrates Newton's 3 Laws of Motion.

Big Gun / Big Fun

An excellent clip to show Newton's 3rd Law when firing a gun.

Fan Sail Cart

Newton's 3rd Law is shown using a fan and sail cart.

Falling Feather & Hammer on Earth

Falling with air resistance.

Falling Feather & Hammer on Moon

Clip from Apollo mission to moon.

Falling Water Balloons

We drop two balloons of different masses from 8 meters.

Falling Water Balloons Displacement

Using the Activboard I was able to forward the movie (above) 5 frames and place a dot on the position of the balloons to show displacement of a falling accelerating mass.

Working in Space

Shows how astronauts work in space.

Matter & Energy

Bowling ball pendulum

Uses a pendulum to show conservation of energy.

Gravitational Attraction

Demonstrates the gravitational attraction between two masses


Magnetic Fields

Using iron filings to show magnetic fields of a horseshoe magnet.


Bell in a vacuum

Ringing a bell in a vacuum.

Sonic Boom

A jet creating a sonic boom. The compression wave causes water to condense and form "fog".

Sonic Boom Explained

YouTube movie explaining what creates a sonic boom.


Bed of Nails

Uses a bed of nails to show pressure and area are inversely proportional.

Balloon on a bed of nails

Another way of showing the relationship between P and A.

Can crush

Crushing a can with atmospheric pressure.

Barrel crush

Crushing a 55 gallon barrel with atmospheric pressure.

Boiling water at room temperature

Lowering the pressure above water in a vacuum bell jar allows it to boil at 23 degrees C.