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Exceptional Student Education

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  Welcome to the Sarasota High School Exceptional Student Education website. Our goal is to provide you, the parent/guardian, a location where all of your questions regarding your child’s education may be addressed.

Our program services approximately 500 students with a broad range of exceptionalities including:




· Deaf or Hard of Hearing

· LI

· VI

· HI



Our continuum of services model is based on the philosophy that Special Education is not a place but a service. When at all possible we strive to take the needed services to the student instead of the student going to the services.

We offer both standard diploma and special diploma options for our students. We do have several classes that are direct ESE instruction for our special diploma curriculum taught by ESE teachers. Many of our standard diploma classes are offered through the general education mainstream instruction with support for the student given by ESE Facilitators.     


             1000 South School Avenue        

Sarasota, Florida 34237


To contact us:

Phone: 941-955-0181

Fax: 941-361-6380

Guidance Fax: 941-361-6630

ESE Office Fax: 941-316-1788


Semester I Exam Schedule


District Expectations


There are “no exemptions” from finals.

All students are to be in attendance on days finals are scheduled.


Monday, January                           REGULAR “B” SCHEDULE  (Exam Review)



Tuesday, January 6             30-Minute TAP “A” SCHEDULE  (Exam Review)

                                                               2nd Semester Schedules will be distributed during TAP


Wednesday, January 7                  REGULAR “B” SCHEDULE


                                                       FINALS for 1B, 2B, 3B, & 4B



Thursday, January 8                     7:30 – 8:57              Period 1 & 1A Finals


                                                       9:04 – 10:37           Period 2 & 2A Finals


                                                       10:37– 11:07           Lunch


                                                       11:10                         Bus Dismissal



Friday, January 9                          7:30 – 8:57              Period 3 & 3A Finals


                                                       9:04 – 10:37           Period 4 & 4A Finals                

                                                       10:37 – 11:07          Lunch


11:10                         Bus Dismissal