During the year students work in small lab groups conducting these laboratory experiments:
Writing a Lab Report: Determining the Period of a Pendulum
Measuring with a Metric Ruler
Calibrating and Reading Lab Instruments
Graphing Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions
Gas Laws: Bolye's and Charles' Gas Computer Simulation
Calculating Density & Experimental Error
Phases of Matter Computer Lab
Phases Lab: Properties of Solids, Liquids & Gases
Elementary Scavenger Hunt
Comparing Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
Making Models of Chemical Reactions
The Atomic Model: The Black Box Lab
Graphing Periodic Trends on the Periodic Table
Ionic Chip Lab
Models of Covalent & Ionic Compounds
Molecular/Formula Mass and Mole Lab
Chemical Reaction Types
Chemical Detective Lab
Acid, Base, Salt Indicator Lab
Acid/Base Titrations
Making Molymod Organic Models
The Cloud Chamber: Uranium Alpha & Beta Radiation
Calculating Radioactive Half-Life
Ball on a Ramp: Calculating Velocity & Acceleration
Calculating Ag of Falling Objects
Newton's 2nd Law using Air Tracks
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