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These KeyNote Presentations are used in Mr. Gilliland's 9th Grade Honors Physical Science classes at Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Fl.
They are authored in Keynote 08 and compressed in .zip format. The size listed is the compressed file size.

- Chapter 1 - Scientific Skills -

Reading Laboratory Glassware Lab (20 MB)

Meters, Liters & Grams (49 MB)

Dimensional Analysis (3.6 MB)
Student Key Notes
Currency Exchange


- Chapter 2 - Properties of Matter -

Graphing Scientific Data (1 MB)
Student Key Notes

Classification of Matter: Elements, Compounds & Mixtures (29 MB)
Student Key Notes

- Chapter 3 - States of Matter -

Phases of Matter (102 MB)
Student Key Notes

- Chapter 4 - Atomic Theory -

Atomic Theory (22 MB)
Student Key Notes

- Chapter 5 - The Periodic Table -

The Elements (9.2 MB)

The Periodic Table (93 MB)
Periodic Trends Lab

- Chapter 6 - Chemical Formulas -

Chemical Formulas (5.4 MB)

Ionic & Covalent Compounds (13.3 MB)

Chemical Equations ( 9.3 MB)

Ionic & Covalent Models Lab (13.6 MB)

- Chapter 7- Chemical Reactions & Mole -

Molecular Mass & Moles Molecular Mass & Moles ( 3.7 MB)

Catalyst lab (41 MB)

Chemical Reaction Types (40 MB)

- Chapter 8- Solutions: Acids, Bases & Salts -

Solution Chemistry ( 67 MB)

- Chapter 9 - Organic Chemistry -

Intro to Organic Chemistry (33.7 MB)

- Chapter 10 - Nuclear Physics -

Intro to Nuclear Physics (132 MB)

- Chapter 11 - Motion -

Motion (42 MB)

- Chapter 12 - Newton's Laws of Motion -

Newton's Laws of Motion (83 MB)

Other Programs

The Physical Science Series
A collection of over 25 programs I authored in HyperStudio for my Honors Physical Science students.
Eleven years of work went into this effort whick allows students to learn interactively in
cooperative groups on a Macintosh computer instead of just observing a presentation.
It is my intention to remaster these programs so they run on Mac OSX as soon as HyperStudio 5 for Mac OSX is released.
Currently they will only run in Classic OS9 on Macs without the Intel chip.
Please email me if you would like these programs to run in your classroom.

Student Picker (2.3 MB)
This is a program I authored in Revolution (and converted to stand alone) that will pick a student from the class at random.
Pick the closest number to the number of students you have in class and let Student Picker select the student.
I have my chairs numbered so that each student knows their number.
I have student picker select students at random when I ask questions to the class.
It will select the same student more than once since I didn't want students who answered a question to
feel they were "off the hook" and not pay attention to what was going on.
Click on Why's everybody always pickin on me? for a little bit ot nostalgia.

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