The Physical Science Series is a collection of over 25 interactive multimedia programs written specifically for entry level high school Chemistry & Physics students.
These programs are for the Macintosh 8 & 9 OS and Mac OS X - Classic mode.
The author is working on producing the series for OSX.




Hydrogen HyperMedia

Download the entire Physical Science Series - runs in Mac Classic OS9.
(350 Mb zipped folder)

Here are some new Mac OSX programs from the series to use in your classroom.
These programs run in OSX (not Classic OS9).



About the program

The Ionic Chip Lab

HS5 Player

Students write 36 ionic chemical formulas (binary & polyatomic) then use "chip" models of the ions to construct models of each compound.

Chemical Equations Program

HS5 Player

Explains how to write and balance a chemical equation.

Balancing Chemical Equations

HS5 Player

Students balance 10 equations by clicking & dragging coefficients then checking to see if their finished equation is correctly balanced.

Organic Model Toolkit

HS5 Player

An electronic model kit for making simple organic compounds of alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, cyclic and substituted hydrocarbons...

Student Picker

Non Needed

Number your seats and have this random number generator select students from your class to answer questions.

Unit 1 - Scientific Skills


Document Type


Measuring with a Metric Ruler


Presentation used to teach students how to measure with a metric ruler.

Metric Ruler Practice

ActivStudio Flipchart

An activote flipchart where students measure objects with an on screen metric ruler and then the class votes as to whether they agree or disagree with the measurement.

Calibrating & Reading Glassware


Shows how to calibrate and read laboratory glassware. This program is used with the Calibrating & Reading Glassware Lab. Here is the Program Sheet and Lab data table.
Here is the presentation in pdf format: Calibrating & Reading Glassware PDF


My KeyNote Presentations.
Note: You must have the Keynote Program to run these.
If you don't you may wish to use these
Keynote pdf files.

Video Clips
Short video clips in Chemistry & Physics.

 Doug Gilliland
Honors/Regular Physical Science
Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Fl
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