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Improve your swing with Power Twist!
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Power Twist is good for shaping your waist, hips, and good to warm up bef ore going off to play golf, any sport, or daily activities. This exercise device will create a powerful swing, throw, bat, punch, fast movement, quick ducks, and agility. It's fun to use and portable.


It is adjustable to all sizes. The handle goes high, low, near or far. The width of the foot board is also adjustable to shoulder width, which is the key for the best results. Also, the way to get maximum results is to keep the shoulders in the forward position while your body rotates and hips twist.

Summary of Invention - Objects and Advantages

The primary object of Power Twist is to provide an exercise device with a large, freely rotatable foot support that laterally angles upward to duplicate positions that athletes encounter during sports activity. Power Twist reproduces the twisting motion wherein a sports person's body weight is caused to shift from the inside surface of the ball of the other foot and thereby create the type of repetitive movement necessary for enhanced torso flexibility, agility, strength, and forward thrusting power of those using it. 

Power Twist conditions and tones an athlete giving them the ability to twist with more power while swinging a club, bat, or racket, throwing a ball, lunging forward, ducking sideways or backwards, and throwing a punch or jab. It is also a further object of this invention to provide an exercise device that gives athletes a high number of muscle movement repetitions horizontal and vertical positions, for optimum operator comfort in addition to the ability to fold compactly for convenient transport and storage.

Power Twist is simple, fun, and easy to use, and one that is readily portable by one adult of average stature and strength. It is a further object of this invention to provide an exercise device that is solidly built for operator safety, made from durable materials for extended use without refurbishment, and includes a stable base structure capable of resisting movement during foot support rotation.

As described herein, properly manufactured and used, the present invention would provide an exercise device that enhances the torso flexibility of an operator for improved performance in athletic activities such as boxing and tennis which requires rapid weight transfer to duck and avoid the jab of an opponent or to achieve a quick forward response to an opponent's lob which lands close to the net. You control a game by moving faster, ducking, and carrying a ball more effectively past your opponent in soccer, basketball, American football, and in golf to achieve a powerful swing that gains a fairway distance advantage over an opponent.

Power Twist gives athletes a high number of muscle movent repetitions in a short period of time. It conditions and tones targeted muscles to achieve the level of experience necessary for improved sports performance, balance, agility and forward thrusting power without body swaying or loss of control.


South Side Gym Recommendation:

Since we have installed the Power Twist Exercise Apparatus in our Gym in Sarasota, Florida, the members have been very enthusiastic about it.
They use it to loosen up and get more agility and flexibility in their movements. They also use Power Twist to increase their forward thrusting movements, as in the golf or tennis swing.
Power Twist is also very useful to improve the ability to move quickly, as in baseball, basketball, and soccer. boxing and the martial arts also require quick, flexible movements, which Power Twist can help in developing.
The addition to our exercise facilities of Power Twist has rounded out the options for the thousands of members that use our facilities at South Side Athletic Clubs. The members are very happy to have a machine that relaxes them and improves the flexibility of their bodies, loosening the muscles and relieving tension.
Power Twist is used regularly and as frequently as any machine in our club.
We would recommend that all Exercise Clubs, Gyms, Golf Facilities and Tennis Clubs use Power Twist and have it available for members and guests,
Tony Scrimale,
Manager, South Side Gyms
All sports

Instructions for Power Twist

The Power Twist comes fully assembled.
As the song goes: "Twist your life away" and tone your muscles.


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