BIOLOGY - miss racette


There are many fun and challenging ways to study biology! In this class you will have the opportunity to learn concepts and skills in biology through observing, experimenting, reading, discussing, listening, writing, creating, drawing, and using technology.




Before we begin, we need to discuss what you need to do to help make this experience successful. When you follow the classroom rules, routines, and procedures and when you work with your classmates to provide a fun, safe learning environment, you will enjoy coming to this class.


Classroom Rules:

            Be in your seat when the bell rings.

            Bring required materials to class everyday.

            Listen to and follow directions the first time they are given.

            No food, drinks, gum, cell phones, CD players, hats, etc.

            No personal grooming during class.               


Classroom Routines:

            When the bell rings, begin working on the DAILY TASK (see the chalkboard).

Check the HOMEWORK BOARD and record assignments in your planner.

            Be an active participant in the day's activity/lesson.

            Stay seated until you are dismissed by the teacher (not the bell).


Classroom Procedures:

            Raise your hand if you have a question.

            Before and after using the hall pass, fill out the HALL PASS SIGN-OUT SHEET.

            Speak with me at the end of the period if you have personal questions or need to schedule a

                 time to meet with me outside of class.


and, kind, respectful, and supportive of all your classmates !




Other things you need to know...


Required Materials you will need to bring to class everyday...

            3-ring binder                                                  planner           

            spiral notebook (2- or 3-subject size)             pen or pencil



You start each quarter with a 100%. What you do and how well you do it determines where you end up at the end of the quarter. Your overall grade each quarter will be determined by the following: 

                        Homework.....15%                 Assessments..............35%

                        Labs...............15%                  Employability...........20%



Homework assignments are worth 15 points each (unless otherwise noted) and will be graded on a check-system: check + (15pts), check(10 pts), check - (5pts), or zero if incomplete. Lab work will include pre- and post-lab assignments, as well as lab reports. Projects will be graded according to a rubric. Assessments include quizzes, tests, and final projects. The employability grade is reduced for infractions of the following:

                        attendance (-5 for each unexcused absence)

                        coming on time to school and class (-2 each tardy)

                        bringing required materials to class (-1 to -3 depending)

                        maintenance of planner (I won't check, but it's a good skill to develop!)

                        completion of homework (already worth 15% of your grade)

                        appropriate dress for class, especially labs (-1 to -3 depending)

                        attitude of cooperation with teacher and fellow students (-1 to -3 depending)

                        time in class is spent on task (-1 to -3 depending)          


Late Assignments = 0

Assignments will not be accepted after the due date. Assignments will be posted in the classroom. I will generally make an announcement about assignments, but it is your responsibility to check the board and record the assignments in your planner.


Make-Up Work

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed when you return. Homework that was due the day you were absent must be given to me at the beginning of class on the day you return. No make-up is allowed for un-excused absences. You must make individual arrangements with me to make up missed labs, tests, and quizzes within one week of your absence. After that, a grade of zero is recorded.


Classroom Safety

It is extremely important that safe procedures are used at all times, especially during labs.  Respect for oneself, each other, equipment, and supplies in essential. Horseplay will not be tolerated and may result in your removal from an activity/lab and a zero for the work. Appropriate dress for labs will be discussed before each lab; it generally includes wearing safety glasses and a lab apron, restraining long hair, removing dangling jewelry, wearing closed shoes (NO SANDALS), and wearing long sleeves/pants, as required.  Students failing to meet expectations will not be allowed to participate and will need to make up the lab. Lab safety procedures will be discussed in more detail in class. All students must receive a 100% on the laboratory safety test to be allowed to participate in any labs. And, all students must sign a lab safety contract.


Extra Help

If you would like extra help, please see me so that we can schedule a time to meet outside of class. You can also e-mail questions to




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