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Welcome to the website of the Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) - University of Florida Chapter!

    We are part of a national student-led grassroots movement dedicated to the fight against the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. We envision a future where the disease is no longer a death sentence and where access to treatment is available to everyone regardless of geography, politics, or income.

AIDS takes another life every 10 seconds...
that’s 360 people every hour, 
    8640 every day, 
        259,200 every month,
            and 3.11 million every year. 
    The vast majority of all HIV/AIDS patients reside in the Global South, where there is limited access to prevention methods and effective treatment. We feel that it is a fundamental human right to not have to suffer from a disease that can be prevented and treated, and it is our responsibility to help those in need throughout the world. Through direct action, advocacy, and education on our campuses and in our communities, we are attempting to bring an end to this devastating epidemic.
ACTION ALERT: Join us April 26th, 2007 for a demonstration at the state capital!