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Standard Diploma Requirements      GED Exit Option Requirements

28 Credits for block schedule                                                                                                                                                    


1. English                                                 4                                1. Minimum 16 years of age.

2. Mathematics                       4                                               2. Enrolled in high school credit earning class

3. Science                                                 3                                3. Receive grades

4. World History                    1                                              4. Over age for grade & deficient in credits

5. American History                              1                                     or GPA             

6. Economics                                           .5                                                                                  OR

7. American Government    .5                                                  cohort is graduating and student is

8. Performing/Fine Arts       1                                                   deficient in credits and/or GPA and will    

9. Health/PE                                             1                                   not graduate with cohort

10. Major area of Interest    4                                               5. Minimum 9th grade reading level (TABE)

11. Electives                                            8                                6. Acceptable scores on GED Practice Tests

                                                                                                      7. Passed the required State Assessment for

Minimum 2.0 GPA                                                                    graduation

Passed the required FCAT                                                 8. Passed the GED Tests



  Certificate of Completion Requirements

1. 28 Credits for block schedule

2. Did not earn a minimum 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) or

Did not pass the required State Assessment for graduation or determined ineligible for a waiver


Special Diploma 1 Option                   Special Diploma 2 Option

1. 28 credits for block scheduling                                      1. Minimum of 6 credits and 180 days of

2. English/Reading                 4                                          successful employment in a community

3. Mathematics                       3                                      -based job earning at least minimum wage.

4. Science                               1*                                        2. Minimum 2.0 GPA in required credits

5. Social Studies                    2*                                         3. Mastery of employment and community

6. Life Mgt./Hope                 .5                                          competencies as outlined in IEP

7. PE/ HOPE                         .5

8. Career/ Vocational             2

9. Major area of Interest        4

10. Electives (block)             11


Minimum 2.0 GPA

Mastery of adopted performance

standards for Special Diploma as

determined by the IEP committee.


*Students may substitute vocational

Credits for any or all science and

social studies



Special Certificate of Completion

The Special Certificate of Completion is provided for those students who meet the

district course credit requirements for a special diploma but have a GPA less than 2.0 and

have not demonstrated proficiency on the alternate assessment.

To contact us:

Sarasota High School Diploma Options


Sarasota High School offers several different high school diplomas. The following is a brief outline of six. If you have additional questions, please contact an ESE liaison in the Guidance Office.

Parent Advisory Committee

             Sarasota High School’s ESE Department and parents of students at SHS have partnered together to create the Parent Advisory Committee. The purpose of this committee is to incorporate a parent’s perspective into decisions relevant to services offered to ESE students at Sarasota High. The current members represent a cross section of our students in exceptionalities as well as diploma options.


             If you are interested in attending a meetings or would just like more information, please contact Brian Barrett at 955-0181 or email at:







Tardiness – Students Arriving Late to Class

Students always report directly to class.  They are NOT to report to the Attendance Office for a pass.


Tardy” is defined as arriving to class after the bell rings or, in the absence of a bell, after the officially assigned class start time without an approved pass.


Unexcused tardiness to class results in the loss of Employability Skills Points.


Beginning anew each quarter, every 3rd, 4th, and 5th tardy will earn one half-hour after-school detention.

Each tardy thereafter will result in one day of in-school suspension.

Please note: Missing detention will result in a two-hour after school detention.

Unexcused Absences

“Unexcused Absence” is defined as being 25 or more minutes late after the scheduled start of class, without an approved pass; or to have missed the entire class without a parent/guardian’s excuse note received and approved by the Attendance Office within three (3) school days after the absence.


An unexcused class absence earns a disciplinary referral and one (1) day of In-School Suspension (ISS) for the infraction. Parent/guardian contact will be made, via our automated call system, on the day a student misses a class.


Unexcused absences result in the loss of employability points for each class. Unexcused absences result in the student earning “zero” credit for all assignments, homework, class work, tests, projects, etc., due on the date(s) of the unexcused absence(s).


If the student is “truant,” (“cutting” or “skipping” class), but remains on campus, In-School Suspension will result.


If the student is “truant” (“cutting” or “skipping” class) and leaves the Sarasota High School Campus, the student will be considered insubordinate. Three days of Out-of-School Suspension will result.

An “unexcused” absence may result in a student receiving up to a 30% deduction on each assignment due when the unexcused absence occurred.


Suspension of Driving License or Eligibility Due to Unexcused Absences            

15 unexcused class absences or daily absences in 90 calendar days results in a series of warning and notification letters issued by the district on behalf of the State. The license or eligibility may be reinstated after SHS administration completes documentation verifying the student has attended 30 days of school without an absence. Any unexcused absence requires the 30 day count to begin over again. An excused absence requires another day of attendance to complete the 30 day count.

Vocational Instruction Program (VIP)

The Vocational Instruction Program (VIP)  is a program for our Exceptional Student Education students to gain intimate knowledge of different careers that they may have interest in.  Students are paired with a mentor and gain experience at many jobs, including: clerical, daycare, shipping/receiving, landscaping, mail room, and maintenance.

Students receive vocational and electives credit for the time they are in the program. This mentoring program takes place during the normal school day and is an unpaid position. Currently we are placing students at Sarasota Memorial Hospital and the Sarasota County School Board offices. The Transitional Planner, Allison Mazer is responsible for developing VIP sites, placing students, and arranging transportation.

For additional information please contact Ms. Mazer at:

On the Job Training (OJT)

Once a student has met their core academic requirements, OJT is another option offered to our ESE students. Students work an equal time missed from the classroom per week and earn vocational and electives credit. Students are required to: find their own job, arrange their own transportation, check in with their OJT teacher weekly, and provide weekly time cards.

The OJT teacher communicates with the student’s employer on a regular basis and maintains employer evaluations on each student. This a paid position and the student is fully responsible for staying employed to remain in the program.

For additional information please contact Ms. Mazer at: