Sarasota High School

Exceptional Student Education

As our students move from school to adult life they need to be considering and preparing for that transition and planning their next steps.† They need to try new experiences and learn more about the opportunities that await them.† Students need to be given the opportunities to experience success and failures while making their own decisions.†


Transition services help a student move from school to post-school activities.† The purpose of transition planning is to provide the student with the services and support he or she needs to make a successful move into adult life.† The Transition IEP team plans the services that will help the student make this transition.† The team is made up of the parent, student, teachers, and representatives of other agencies.† This team will network plans for the student which could include job training or mentoring, career ideas and exploration, including possible placement at our vocational instructional sites. This process will help our students develop a plan for after high school and make the transition into the work place an easier challenge.


What is a Vocational Instructional Site?† Sarasota County Schoolsí Vocational Instruction Program (VIP) was designed to assist Exceptional Student Education students in transitioning from school to gainful employment.† It prepares the students to enter the work force by exposing them to vocational areas in supportive environments.†


The VIP program and the people involved help shape studentsí perspectives, priorities and value systems in relation to the world of work.† Students may be trained and mentored by school board job coaches, business worksite personnel, or a combination of both.† Work site opportunities expand from stipend training to paid employment opportunities.† It helps special needs students to increase their employability skills, confidence, and self-esteem thus becoming gainfully employed and more productive citizens within the community.


Sarasota High School offers the following available vocational sites to our students:



Vocational Instructional Programs

Humane Society

Circus Sarasota

Habitat for Humanity

Harmony Healthcare & Rehabilitations Center

Mortonís Gourmet Market

Sarasota County Libraries

Sarasota Housing Authority

Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Sears Automotive Center



.† We also offer programs through many outside agencies such as Community Haven ( and Vocational Rehabilitation (†† We coordinate with Program Specialists, Job Coaches, work site resources, Liaisons, community resources, Behavior Specialists, Administration and other appropriate contacts to be sure quality services are provided.

Transition Services