Dear Classmates,

         It's hard to believe that forty years have passed since we donned our caps and gowns and took the stage at Robarts Arena. Sarasota has changed and evolved and so have we - but hopefully your Sailor spirit remains intact.  The SHS Class of 1968 reunion is a great way to reconnect with old friends and classmates. We have a great weekend of festivities planned and hope you can join us.


         On Friday, October 10th, our classmate, Phil Torrence, has graciously offered his new establishment, The West End Pub (in Gulf Gate) as the venue for our "mix and mingle" event. We will have the place to ourselves so come enjoy an informal evening of fun, food and drink.  We wll begin at 7:00 PM until ?


         We have left the day open on Saturday, so you have some time to golf, shop, have lunch with friends, or just relax.


         The beautiful Bent Tree Country Club is the place to be on the evening of Saturday October 11th.  We wll gather at 6:30 PM for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres with dinner at 7:30 PM followed by music and dancing. We are thrilled to have a great "reunion" band lined up, Crystal Pain, whose faces will be very familiar to our class. (For locals who want a sneak peek – go to the Irish Rover Pub in Gulf Gate on Sunday night, October 5th)


         On Sunday, October 12th, take a trip back in time and enjoy a Touch of "Class" continental breakfast in the SHS Cafeteria (near the former Senior parking lot) from 10:00 am – Noon.  The old brick building is being renovated by the Ringling College of Art & Design.  It is a marvelous way to preserve our school and RCAD will provide a special tour of the building for us.


After forty years, we have lost track of many members of our class and we need your help. As time goes on we will list the names of missing classmates at the bottom of this page. If you know how to reach them, please direct them to our website to get reunion info and contact us on the link provided. Anyone can also email directly to or phone (941) 925-4297. Talk to all your friends and make sure they know about the reunion. 


         Please download the SHS Reunion Flyer, fill out the form and return it as soon as possible so we know how many to plan for. You are invited to pick any or all of the events. Checks should be made payable to SHS Class of 68 Reunion and mailed to 5443 Bent Oak Drive, Sarasota, FL 34232. 
The final date for reservations is September 26th.


         We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.
The Reunion Committee


We’ll be updating this list as we get back undelivered mail so please
check periodically to see if your friend’s names have been added.

Achorn, Beverly Stack
Alford, Stephanie
Amspacher, Rick
Atkinson, Jim
Bebeau, David
Becker, Harriet

Belvin, Johnny
Biggy, Mildred
Black, Gary

Booker, Helen James
Brickfield, Barby
Brown, Sandra
Buck, Dennis
Byrd, Sheila Lee
Carmody, Luanne
Chalmers, Peter D.
Chapman, Rob

Coe, Phillip
Conner, Donna
Cowan, Kathy Mann
Cowles, John
Cowles, Tom
Cox, Nancy Steifel
Crawford, Pat Clark
Cromer, Carolyn
Curtis, Gary
David, Mary Ann
Davis, Beth
Dawson, Tracy
Early, James (Skip)
Eck, Robert
Enger, Debbie Hartery
Freedman, Michael
Gilford, Beverly
Glenn, Gloria
Gollnick, Susan
Gregory, Tom
Gubody, Richard W.
Hadley, Verlinda
Hamilton, Tonda

Hammond, James
Handrich, Ken

Harmon, Mike
Hartenstein, Kathy
Helmlinger, Kinah
Hess, John
Hill, Patricia
Hopkins, Harry
Howard, Ann
Hurst, Elaine
James, Danny
James, Donny
Kahn, Bonnie
Kellam, Brenda
Keller, Mary
King, Dwight
Ladd, David
Laney, Pat Sykes
Lawrence, William E.
Leonard, Jim
Litmon, Barbara
Livingston, Fred
Long, Darrell
May, Fred J.
McCarter, Vivian
McClain, Allan
McClain, John
McClain, Margaret
McClelland, Mike
McCullough, Tom
McField, Elizabeth
McGahen, Pam Jones
McVay, Rick
Malcolm, Barbara
Meeker, Ted
Mihok, Jean
Miller, Rose Hunter
Moss, Alveda
Mowe, Kathy
Mulvaney, Dave
Mundy, Susan
Munson, Barb
Naylor, Carol
Nelson, Charles
O’Fallon, Mike
O’Grady, Tina
Parry, Carter H.
Peterson, Wanda
Pillot, Kathy Martin
Pope, Virginia Baker

Potter, Patricia
Reeser, Ann
Richardson, Donna
Rickey, Charles
Ripley, Scott
Ritchie, Robert
Salzman, Diane
Schneider, Karl (Rick)
Schweid, Nancy
Shelton, Daniel
Sillivan, Eugenia
Smith, Randall
Stanley, Mildred Kish
Strom, Jefferu
Stronsider, James
Stroup, Michael
Swern, Vickie
Taylor, Patricia
Taylor, Douglas
Thompson, Nathan
Tomlinson, Jim
Tripp, Peggy
Tyler, Mary
Walker, Clyde
Walton, Patricia
Watson, Rose Mary
Weaver, Dorothy
Weincop, Gayle
Weller, Tom

Wells. Brian
Wernet, Patricia
White, Gary
White, Jim
White, Sandy
Whitney, Nancy
Wierts, Paul H.
Wooten, Handy
Williams, Betty
Wiseman, Edna
Witt, Margo
Wood, Margaret
Yarbrough, David
Zellner, John

updated: September 1, 2008

If you know of anyone else who is no longer with us, please let us know.

Don (Skip) Connolly
Ann Craig
Cliff Doman
Janice Fletcher
Benjamin (Biff) Ford
Mike Goggans
Frank Guinn
Kathy Haggerty
Mike Harmon
Cindy Hebb
Ken Hiles
Gary Hinton
Gale Houston
Phyllis Huddleston
Mike Jurkins
Dwight King
Timothy Loeffler
John Longley
Frank Morrow
Jim O’Neill
Kathy O’Shea
Gary Pendergrass
Joanne Pitts
Beth Schrader
Jeff Sherman
Connie Silas
Steve Spanierman
Dawn Sutcliffe
Russell Taylor
Almira Wilson