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JROTC Classroom Procedures
JROTC Class Areas
  • Be on time for class (Use restrooms before class)

  • Bring necessary materials to class

  • Stow backpacks in designated area and bring necessary materials to your seat; There's no going back

  • Raise hand to speak, wait to be addressed; When acknowledged, stand to speak

  • Address teachers as "Sir" or "Ma'am", or by rank

  • No food or drinks in classroom, except bottled water

  • Do not leave classroom without teacher's permission

  • Approach teacher's desk only on request; Wait at parade rest

  • No sitting on tables

As Stated

  • Uniform Inspection is each Wednesday unless otherwise POSTED.

  • Tee-Shirt wear is the LAST day of the week unless otherwise POSTED.

  • Uniform items are exchanged on the last day of the week. All items exchanged must be cleand and/or shined.

  • Head gear is not worn indoors or under cover.

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