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Panther Island, March 26-28, 2014

Loading up at Port of the Islands.

Paddling down the 3 mile canal.

Panther Island

Seamus with his new paddle (can’t remember the brand).

Landing on Panther Key.

Getting set up.

Rum and Coke come out but no bugs.

I have some pictures of me this time.

Setting up the tent.

Panther looking towards Gomez point.

Panther looking east.

Panther looking west.

Wait for dinner time.

High tide Wednesday evening.

Sunset on Hog Island.

Warming up Wednesday evening.

Thursday morning looking out my tent.

Breakfast time.

Coffee time.

Pelecan time.

Getting bold.

Looking for a handout.

Not too shy!

Striking a pose.

Discussing breakfast - didn’t like my tuna.

Still hanging out.

Seamus at Gomez Point.

Me at Gomez.

Osprey nest at Gomez Point.

One of many osprey nests we saw on the islands.

Padding in windy conditions to Round Key (just off Seamus’ bow).

Round Key.

About all this was left of the Gomez home on Round Key.

Another Osprey nest.

Out of the wind on Round.

Round Key. Over a third of the island has eroded since my last visit.

Paddling to Lulu Key.

Inside the bay at Camp Lulu.

Seamus at Mike Ward’s cabin.

Seamus on Tiger Key.

Tiger Key looking foward Everglades City.

Back at Camp - wind has calmed and bugs are out.

Lone saiboat off Panther.

Battling the sand nats.

Sunset Thursday night.